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7 Diary of Chaungtha trip in Thingyan
--Day 3--
6 Diary of Chaungtha trip in Thingyan
--Day 2--
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--Day 1--
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Diary of Chaungtha trip in Thingyan --Day 2--
by Nishigaki Satoe

At about 4 am, I woke up suddenly because of loud noise. I could hear some people speaking loudly. I heard that voice for some time but the voice went away. I gradually fell asleep again.

But about an hour later, the voice I had heard earlier came near again. It seemed that the men from next door were doing something near here. But I had a thought that what they had to do at such early hour. The man from next door spoke continuously. We could hear all his speech clearly as there was a thin partition between the two rooms. I would like him to understand that he was disturbing others. The man went out of the room at about 7 am to a place, which I didn't know.

I thought that we would be able to take a rest peacefully during these holidays because we felt bad for it was too noisy in Yangon. But it was quite different from what we had thought. This time of a year is the hottest in this country. So almost everybody set out to the sea to enjoy cool fresh air at the same time.

It seemed that we could take a rest peacefully at lower cost if it was not holidays. We both got up. We thought of walking on the beach with nobody was there. But when we got to the beach, what we had thought was completely wrong. It was obvious. There were a lot of people who got to the beach earlier than us. When we had a look at our watches, it was only a few minutes after eight.

"Why, why are they so early?" it was a slip of my tongue. Mornings in Myanmar are very early. Since when had they been swimming?" I would like to ask them that question. The people who were more than those from this village were swimming. When I asked my husband, "Why do they get up so early, although they can take their time?" "They must be doing this very early here because they always have to take their time. "My husband answered slowly.

When we walked along the beach chatting, I noticed that something was wrong with the people. That was the fact that almost every body was swimming in their casual dressed and they were making themselves float using tubes of tires.

Tiretubes used floating in the sea

Most of Myanmar people can't swim because there are no swimming classes at schools. I once heard of them swim in their daily casual dresses. But, when I witnessed it under my nose, it was very interesting. Even the men who swam in pants were rare. So the girls would be more reluctant to show their skin. But on the contrary, the children were swimming in their bathing suit. Among them, I first noticed a girl in swimming suit. "What a girl in swimming suit!" it was our exclamation. Among such a lot of people there, we noticed about three girls in their swimming suits.

We can hardly see people with swimming suit in Myanmar

Another thing was that most of them were putting on business shoes and rubber slippers even on the beach. They usually put on thin shoes and slippers. I felt a bit strange because they were wearing big and thick shoes here, on the beach.

Young people were putting on leather shoes on the beach

Moreover, bicycles were running on the beach. To make matter worse, bullock carts drove pass the beach. And horses were running. "Oh my! What a terrific beach it is. There is anything on the beach". My husband said. So it was impossible to lie down on the beach taking a rest. May be there was nobody lying on the beach.

An oxcart, somehow, on the beach

Boys, having meals at such a unsuitable place

Young man in current vogue, asking for taking pictures

We had lunch at the restaurant near the beach. And then we found shady tree, spread the sheet we had carried, neatly put books, beers, snacks and liquor. After that we took a nap first. It was the most suitable and best liquor and read a book. We had a wonderful time doing so. So we spent the time doing so satisfactorily. When I gave a glance at the beach, I saw a strange thing. I had no idea where all the people on the beach had gone. I didn't believe even my eyes. There was no one on the beach.

"Have they gone to have lunch? What are they doing?" that questions were in my thought. We began to see some visitors on the beach at about 3 pm. So we were surprised. We came to think that the concept that nobody came out in the afternoon was in his or her mind. They seemed to come back after taking a nap because the it was very hot in the afternoon. That seemed to come back after taking a nap because the it was very hot in the early? Everybody enjoyed himself or herself swimming till 6:30 pm. By judging a beach, we could see a real image of this country and it was rejoicing. This time was Thingyan (water festival). We would needed to have a thought that we would be thrown water at.

We had dinner at the restaurant near the guesthouse. There I saw another strange thing. A plastic bag was hung under a fluorescent lamp. In the bag there were a lot of insects. When asked only hanging the bag made them fall into the bag automatically. And there was nothing in the bag. It was said. This is not a country like ours, which always relies on pesticides. Here we came across a good fact about Myanmar.

Insect-catcher with the earth conscious

Although we went to bed early last night for we were tired out from traveling. We went to bed before 9 also.

© Nishigaki Satoe