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Choosing to work in Myanmar Part-Three
by Nishigaki Mitsuru

The thought of Yangonow is that Myanmar is like other countries. We always provide suitable information with this idea in mind. We intend to preserve this tradition in future.

I think there would be a lot of people who think that their impression of Myanmar before and after coming to Myanmar is quite different. I am one of those people. When I started working in Myanmar, I was often asked by tour leaders if there were land mines and military vehicles. These are some what one-sided news about Myanmar in Japan as well as in the world. Therefore, I run a homepage without politics in order to provide correct and clear imformation.

What I always tell my staff is that making reservations for visitors and planning tour programmes are daily, routine for us and not very strange. But, they should make arrangements for the visitors bearing in mind the fact that most of them are visiting Myanmar once in their live time.

I often heard before I came here that one would become thin due to the food during the visit to Myanmar. There are, of course, foods that do not match Japanese taste. Every restaurant cannot be said tasty. There are good restaurants, which are not known because they are not introduced. So, we carried a lot of information about restaurants in the restaurant section of the homepage. We desire that travellers who are able to pay a visit to Myanmar once in their life time to have good impression and convenience. We regard it is our duty to provide necessary information.

It has been four year since Yangonow was started. I see myself dedicating to Sanay Travels and Yangonow. And I come to notice why I continue to live here in Myanmar although we need sometime to supervise and manage the business.

Why can't I leave Myanmar up to now? The answer is that I was born as a Japanese. Coming of a baby girl to us make this firm. My daughter will be three in March, 2004.

I would like to tell you something about when we lived in a hired separate house. I appointed a Karen gate keeper who brought his family with him. He has two daughters- a primary school girl and a two-year old. They played with my kid. My daughter was given privilege. I think they might have been told to do so by their parents. Their mother also took special care of my child. Judging this, I thought that the world is not fair. Why is the difference great between a child born to a Japanese family and a child born to a guard’s family? It might be rude and insulting to say this. According to situations which we can see, I think there will be limitations in the future for the guard's daughter regarding her capability. On the other hand, I think my daughter will be able to do fullest in her capability and have chances to do what she desires. This is not because the child of the guard has no efforts. Her life is already prescribed according to the place she was born and brought up.

Another thing is that salaries are completely different between Japanese and Myanmar employees even if their duties are the same. I come to know while I was working that employees do not earn the salaries they deserve for their perfomance. If someone is Japanese he or she can go any where (except for some). Moreover he can earn money regardless of time unless he is choosy about jobs. I come to know that Japanese people are the race which is given favourable conditions because a Japanese can enjoy such privilege for he was born as a Japanese. I once read that 20 percent of population in the world is producing 80 percent of products. I think Japanese people take half of this 20 per cent of population. To put it in other way, one can take the place within 10 in 100 just because he was born as a Japanese. Although it is a thinking from upper hand, I come to know that we can enjoy such privilege or more if we live here in Myanmar.

There is another thing which I think I am lucky. I was born to a not-very-rich but no-very-poor family and I was able to attend a university. I am one of the Japanese who can be found any where. In other word, I am the one who includes in 10 per cent. I own this quality not because of my efforts but because I was born to a Japanese family. Therefore, I notice that I need to perform my duties fully as a human being. This idea had come up since I went to Canada. This notion has become firm while I am living in Myanmar.

Although there are countries that are poorer than Myanmar and the countries which are not favoured by luck, I feel I should be in Myanmar whenever I recall my activities in life up to the present and whenever I think of my trend of life. I think the fate will come automatically when it is not necessary for me to be in Myanmar. I, as a Japanese, intend to make efforts to the best of my ability up to that day. I must perform that duty fully regardless of wealth as I was born as a Japanese. The main reason for working in Myanmar is to repay the gratitude I owe.

Another intention of mine at present is to set up an NGO with my own money. Establishing an NGO with one's own money, one needn't consider getting fund. It will allow me to do the job which will be beneficial to Myanmar. Although I refused to be involved in when it comes to NGOs, I come to know the real fact that there are also organisations which do not consider profit. My intention is that I need to perform my duties assigned fully sticking to my purpose of living in Yangon, starting from the present.

© Nishigaki Mitsuru