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The Tea Shop Where People of The Screen Meet
by Nishigaki Mitsuru

The teashop is situated on the 35th Street near Waziya Movie Theatre in Yangon. Movie directors, shooting managers and actors usually gather here starting from 8 am every morning. This is the place where talks among directors, company managers and actors are made for casting and starring. The people range from scriptwriters to actors. There are a lot of actors who were able to become actors from this teashop. Performers and producers sit in groups according to their professions. So we can easily distinguish their performance.

The teashop is situated on the 35th Street

Not only the actors who come here for the jobs but also people from world of the screen gather here. So we can collect new information's. And there are a lot of performers who drop in for a while on their way to shooting places. They come here to meet friends every morning without fail for remaining idle at home is useless. For these reasons the teashop is so crowded with people from 8 am to 10 pm.

Actor Pyi Si

We can hardly see female performers for there are only male performers. Female performers can contact directors and producers by phone or through an address. They can make direct talks with them. All performers have to register at the office of Myanmar motion Picture Organization. Therefore one can get addresses easily there and contact anyone referring them.

Director Kyaw Htoo

The meeting place for people of the screen used to be in Pansodan Street starting from 30 years ago. It has moved to 35th Street now. After overpass on the Pansodan Street has been constructed, the numbers of cars on the street are on the increase. So there was not enough room to discuss leisurely at the teashop. So it has moved to the 35th Street.

The current acting fee for a performer for a video movie is about K5000 to K30,000. It takes only ten days to shoot a video movie. There are many who become performers because their parents are performers. But their income is not regular and stable. There are a lot of parents who do not want their children to be performers like them.

U Myint Kyi who starred in a Japanese movie by the name of Thwe (blood) that has not finished shooting yet said, "Other jobs may make you a rich man. But I choose this job for I like the job of acting very much. I will continue this job till my last breath". Most are not for money but for art sake.

Actor Myint Kyi

At the meeting place of movie business world, the famous actor is Kyaw Hein and actress is Tun Eindra Bo. Htet Htet Moe Oo is famous in TV commercials but not good at acting. So she is not famous as an actress. Tun Eindra Bo acts like her fellow artistes. She is always in mood when she is acting. Her acting quality is high.

Tun Endra Bo & Nan Dar Line

© Nishigaki Mitsuru