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"How to spend in the Thingyan Festival"
by Nishigaki Mitsuru

Daw Tin Tin Ye
Age (72) Female (Housewife)
During this year's Thingyan Festival, I had to go around the town with my family by car only in the last day of Thingyan Festival My family members who took part in the water throwing festival are sons, daughters & grandchildren. There were 15 persons in all. I am the aged person, so I could not bear the brunt of throwing water on me. Hence I had to sit in the front part of the car. In other days except the last day of Thingyan Festival, I stayed at home. This year, water-throwing stages, concerning Ministry Department are very few. I think that companies? Stages are so many. My birthday falls on Myanmar New Year days. Every year I feel that I am getting older one year automatically.

Hla Ei Thu Aung
Age (14) Female (High School Student)
During the Thingyan Festival, I spent my time with my cousins. Enjoying reading novels & comics, I had to watch TV to see Thingyan songs & dances. At the advent of Thingyan Festival, many tapes concerning Thingyan Festival came out. I listened to the tapes including some famous songs from the film "Thingyan Moe" which very famous. I line on the fourth floor of fourth story building. So I threw water over passers by from the fourth floor last year. Every year when Thingyan draws near, I have a feeling that I will be happy to throw-water over others.

Min Mg Mg Shwe
Age (48) Male, Artist and Owner of TOP GROUP ARTS shop.
I usually do not go out into town where water-throwing festival takes place in Thingyan period. During the Thingyan festival, all shops and stores are closed. It is inconvenient for my friends and companions to visit my house. So I get the opportunity to paint my pictures freely and comfortably. One more thing is to have a suitable time to keep Sabbath each year. Keeping Sabbath is an act of fasting for religious reasons. Eating only for one time before 12 noon.

Mar Mar Aung
Age (38) Saleswoman
During Thingyan period, I did not go out anywhere. Thinking that I am getting old and I happened not to take part in the Thingyan festival. In my childhood, I used to go about the town. But now to hire a car, it will be more expensive. For only a day, 10000 kyats will be paid, So I cannot afford to use a car. And the price of gas is rising. For this reason, I have difficulty in going round by car.

Ohmar Aung
Age (19) Female (Student)
This year I took part in water-throwing festival from a stage built by business owners near our house. It is situated near the main part of the city. For using a hose, I had to pay 6000 kyats for four days during the Thingyan period. It contained snacks and Thingyan food. With my companions I had to take part in the occasion from morning till evening during 4 Thingyan days.

Hpyo Thi Ha
Age (20) Salesman (Souvenir Store)
During Thingyan festival, I made a trip to Bagan, Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin with my family. I am working at a store (around-the-clock without holiday). So I get a casual leave. The long holiday term is between Thingyan festivals. So it was convenient to travel during that period. Thingyan is an enjoyable period for any place in Myanmar.
In Bagan, water throwing is taken part from pony-carts. While traveling, we enjoyed throwing water over one another together with foreigners.

Moe Moe Kyaw
Age (26) girl (one of company staff)
From a day before Thingyan period is a New Year day (up to 16th April). I did some meditation at a meditation center. I could not resist my mother's order to do so and I met with many kinds of difficulties during the whole year. Therefore I had to do some meditation to keep my body & soul fresh for the whole year.

Sandar Myo Oo
Age (23) male guide
According to the prearranged schedule, I enjoyed throwing water over one another at a stage with my friends in the late evening of the last day of Thingyan period. We had an enjoyable time playing music loudly. We danced and drank beer. So doing we played throwing water Going around the town was impossible for us. Because we'll have to pay dearly for hiring a car. During Thingyan festival beautiful girls mostly tend to go out to be thrown water. So you can easily find out beauties you like. If you find her you can wave your hands to her. We enjoyed such an occasion every year.

Ma Baby
Age (40) housemaid
During Thingyan festival, I stayed at home. Cooking food and took a rest peacefully. To get to the busy & noisy place in downtown was quite difficult for me. Because of the rising of bus fare. It was as high 5 times as the normal bus for. So we couldn't afford to go out.

Mg Mg Win
Age (30) General Manager of a company's
During Thingyan time, I went out with my wife on a motorbike for 2 days. By my friend's car, I enjoyed taking part in the Thingyan festival. Every year, I take part in it. As it is said the Water festival (Thingyan festival), we have to pay out much money (water) unnecessarily. (water=money) As a whole, during Thingyan period everything becomes dear. The event is quite obvious.

© Nishigaki Mitsuru