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Essay by Koto         
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A brief description about business in Yangon
by Koto

First of all, the foundation of business is not systematically laid down. If you ask for estimate of accounts, you will receive estimate of prices. There is not an attitude that a customer who buys 100 numbers is entitled to get a discount or reduced price yet.

Moreover, we don't need to ask any question on fundamental of capitalism that if service to be given is the same, the price is same, it can not be changed in accord with customers. When I complained to a taxi driver that it was more expensive to go to the airport from downtown than airport to downtown, the response of the driver was that it was more competitive at the airport so it was cheaper. They didn't seem to regard that was an evil thing to do. But it can't be helped.

And they don't have a thought they are to give service. Not long after I got here and started this job, I hired a taxi for three months on a contract basis. On my return from work, I was about to get into the car, a woman who seem to be wife of the driver was sitting by him. I knew his wife is a nurse who works in the heart of city. But the driver did not ask permission form me, the employer who had hired his car. So I intentionally told him. "I have hired your car on a contract basis. That means I have bought all the chances of using your car." But he did not know what he had to understand. He behaved as if he was saying "You can ride my car comfortably. What have I done wrong?" I have no idea how would he behave if I asked him to go here and there.

And I experienced strange event that the car had stopped while driving because it ran out of gasoline for two times. When it happened so, the driver took out a plastic container, stopped another car and bought the gasoline at the nearest filling station. I had to wait at least 10 minutes. I could have taken another taxi, but when I was not in a hurry I waited till he came back. When he had to go he never say "Could you wait for a moment, Sir, I am in very embarrassing situation." And when he came back he asked such a small amount of money he had to spend. In my opinion, he seemed to have a thought that he had toiled to help me. So, he wanted me to acknowledge his action. In fact, he should have compensate the customer for failing to give service entitled due to lack of necessary preparation.

When we made a trip to Mandalay, with my wife, I gave some money to a staff from the hotel to collect the ship ticket to Bagan which I had reserved in good time earlier. He come back empty handed and said, "There won't be any voyage to Bagan since tomorrow is New Year Day". What was wrong? We had made reservation in good time earlier. When it happened so, they never said." "I am sorry." They don't have a thought that they feel bad for they can't manage to get what the guests want. In my opinion, they will say at least "I'm sorry" in Yangon. Basic business spirit is less developing in Mandalay than in Yangon.

They don't have any feeling that one can achieve success in business only by taking risks. No matter the risk is good on bad, only the customers who give order have to take them. So there is neither loss nor profit.

When I planned to move a generator, their manner isn't like "Just leave it to us."

If they take the job with 50,000 Yen and they can manage to finish with 30,000 Yen, the will have a profit of 20,000 Yen. They don't have much thought. If they charge actual 30,000 Yen, the chance of getting a profit of 20,000 Yen will fly away. There are actual facts here.

In fact, I don't want to tell ill of them. But it is what is really going on in the country. Time may charge these things, I should think.

© Koto

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