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Seeking pleasure at beer pubs (2)

Seeking pleasure at beer pubs (1)

Get through the handicap

Inviting a thief to my house

Water comes out (continue from Kyobintha village)

A visit to Kyobintha 4

A visit to Kyobintha village (1-3)

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Mandalay Diary 26th Mar 2001

Mandalay Diary 1st May 2001

Water comes out (continue from Kyobintha village)
by Kenichi Kimura

This will be the matter that happens just after telling about it. We were informed that the turn of Kyobintha village had come to have a tube-well sunk under the project of BAJ in Bagan region. And not long after that we heard that water had come out from the tube-well. It was a development performed at high speed in the country where everything is slowly developing. Actually villagers’ dream had come true. Quality and quantity of water is good. I saw the scene of people being happy in my mind’s eyes.

The account of long-awaited tube-well sinking of BAJ in Kyobintha village by bullock carts because they did not have a well. It took a household half day to get water. The lake used to become dry very quickly. They can do without electricity, telephone and post office. But they can’t live and cultivate without water.

Now two young men from the village are living at my house. They always have contact with those who went to the village on a visit. Fortunately, Kyobintha was chosen to have a tube-well sunk from the rest 24 villages under the project. Former headman and present headman came to Yangon. Than Lin Tun dared not to invite them to my house where he lives. So, I myself invited them to stay at mine and we had a chat. Machines and employees of BAJ project had arrived but the village had to take responsibilities for temporary residents and food for employees. So they had to come to Yangon to collect donation from the villagers who live in Yangon. It took a long time when the tube-well sinking project was carried out in Kudo village. In the middle of the project, the pipe was broken. The expenditure, which the village had to take responsibility, came to about K 400,000. The headman of Kyobintha was very worried to hear that. They made this trip with a purpose to raise fund because they did not have such amount of money. Although they had been raising fund in advance, they did not get enough for the project yet. They seemed to go around Yangon to the villagers who were doing well at their jobs in suburbs. Anyone from the village seemed to contribute to the project. I also made donation and looked forward to the day when we could drink water from the tube-well the next time when I visit there.

Then, the students from the village went to the village to inform that they passed matriculation exam in July. According to them, the tube-well reached underground water table at 960 feet. Quality of water is good and water has become plenty at the inner land far away from the river. They called us to inform that with the use of CDMA telephone near their village.

The two men from my house were very glad. They spread good news to the villagers from Gyobintha in Yangon. I expected that we could be able to drink water from that well. I think the headman of the village could set his mind at ease. Well done! Well done!

© Kenichi Kimura