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Traditional Music             
Myanmar Traditional Musical Instruments
by U Minn Kyi

Myanmar traditional musical instruments can be divided into six groups.

1. Kyey : Metal instruments
2. Kyo : String instruments
3. Thaye : Instruments made of leather
4. Lei : Wind instruments
5. Let Khoke : Percussion instruments used for timing; clappers
6. Patala : Xylophone

1. Kyey instruments are
Linkwin (cymbals) Kyey Naung (brass gong)
Others are Maung (gong), Kyey Se (triangular gong), Swei Lei (little bells), Chu (jingle) Se, Wa Maung (gong), Teta Maung (gong), Kaung Laung, Tangyaung, Kyaw etc.

2. Kyo instruments are
Others are Mi Gaung (three stringed musical instrument in the shape of a crocodile), Aung (kind of medieval stringed instrument), Tayaw and etc.

3. Thaye instruments are
Oozi Dobat
(drum played with striker)
Saing (circle of various drums), Bongyi (big drum), Bontoe(short drum),Bonshe(long drum), Sitoe(short drum shape like a barrel), Sa Khunt(a kind of drum) and etc.

4. Lei instruments are
Hne Palwei
KhayuThin(conch shell)
Others are Kato, Khayar and etc.

5. Let Khoke instruments are
Wa letkhoke Ton wa
(Wooden gong or bamboo for timing and bamboo clappers)

6. Patala instruments are
Wa Patala (Wood Xylophone) Ton Patala (Iron Xylophone)

© U Minn Kyi

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