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by Nishigaki Satoe

This time, the staff and teachers from YWCA (Yangon) helped us cook Mohinga. Thank you very much.

The necessary materials for 18 persons

1. Hamilton's carp (fish)825 g
2. Feather back (fish)330g
3. Catfish825g
4. Pitch of the banana stem 20cm
5. Coriander 80g
6. Chili 16g
7. Garlic 400g
8. The lemon grass 4 units
(One kind of spice with sweet smell)
9. Ginger 30g
10. Duck egg 4 units
11. Onion 825g
12. Fish Sauce 300cc
13. Salt a little
14. Cooking oil (bean) 500cc
15. Taste powder 1 tea spoon
16. Pepper 16g
17. Rice powder 80g
18. Gram 250g
(The persons who do not find extra time use gram powder)
19. Roasted chili powder
a little
20. Turmeric powder a little
21. Rice noodle 3kg

The procedure to make 'mohinga'

1. Rinse the chili, cut them, soak till they are soft
2. Steep gram in the water about 10 minutes.
If it can be detached, boil it 10 minutes.
3. Rice powder (Roast rice in the fried pan then pound it in the mortar)
4. Pound pepper in the mortar.
5. Boil 3 duck eggs and cut them.
One egg was to be cut and to be stirred
6. The lemon grass is to be rinsed and to be cut into small pieces.

To Cooking of Mohinga (2/2)

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