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Do's and Don'ts in Myanmar (Burma) 
Written by Hla Tha Mein
Those who visits Myanmar or who is dealing with Myanmar people should abserve certain ruls of Do's and Don't to keep up his politeness and social etiquette.
When you pass through in front of an elder people lower your head a little bit to show respect.
Put of your footwears when you are entering religious ediffies live the pagoda precincts and monasteries.
Give due respect to the monks although you are not Buddhist.
When you are going to yawn or caugh turn your face sidewards.
When you get to molest others involunterily, say "gadows" twice, as a gesture of asking pardon.
Try to suppress your anger towards a younger one.
Make priar to admit what you don't know.
Make ready to admit what you don't know.
Say greeting words heartily.
Pay respect to those people who are semior to you by age or by rank.
Try to acknowledge the benevolence of others.
Smill heartily when it needs you.
Make friends with you neighbours.
Take your meal only after elder person has taken first, or leave the top past of the food for him and then start taking.
Keep the younger ones on the safe side when you walk together.
If you are going to talk about unauspecious things, you should begin the sentence with "Powa! gold house, and silver house, ", to wipeout evils.
If you are going to talk about or suggest posible mishap, you should begin the sentences with "Please may it not happen here."
If you are going to talk about or suggest shameful thing you should request.
Do not spit in front of the elderly people.
Do not stride or cross over the elederly people who are sitting.
Do not enter mpo the covered floor wearing shoes or slippers.
Do not wear the hat in the house, except gaungpaung.
Do not snage nor use tooth-picks without covering with your palm.
Do not critisize nor disgrace infront of the strangers.
Do not meddle in the family matters.
Do not try to borrow anything from a guest.
Do not praise your own talent or wisdom.
Do not give anything to the elder people with only one hand.
Do not ask the income of the other person.
Do not else bluntry the age of a woman folle.
Do not rappass the private apartment of others.
Do not look over the letter the other people are reading.
Do not be so fussy when you are a guest.
Do not touch the head of the older people.
Do not reject any visiter at your door if he is not endangering you.
Do not go abreast with the teacher; follow him.
Do not accept what you are not deserved.
Do not sit at the head of the place unless you are elder me among.
Do not give the berive as a apresent; ask for the gatherings a tohen poies.
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